Scratch Removal Kits

Glass used in cars, trucks, and buses. Glass can get scratched during manufacturing, distribution, shipping or installation. The scratch kit will remove these scratches without distortion. The system is so efficient that nearly all OEM manufacturers and distributors of windscreens use it to remove scratches that occur in the manufacturing and/or shipping process.

It will even remove unsightly scratches cause by old wiper blades and dirty window tracks.

Residential Glass:

Windows, doors, shower enclosures: all of these locations are exposed to scratch damage throughout the building or remodeling process. Sure, it might seem cheaper to simply throw away the old window and start over. It isn’t. It costs you time—and any builder will tell you that time equals money. Remove the scratches that occur during the building process quickly and easily. You’ll wonder why you thought starting over was better.

The Glass Scratch Removal Kit is an entry level priced system that gives you all the tools you need to remove scratches from all types of glass.