Autoscreenz™ Windscreen Chip Repair Course

Whether you are just starting out in the Windscreen Repair or are an experienced technician we want to help you become a success. No other manufacturer in the glass repair industry can supply you with the glass repair training options and quality of consumables like Autoscreenz™

Autoscreenz South Africa Volkswagen Training

We realize that without proper glass repair training and education no repair technician is fully equipped to do their best. We will help you to do your best! With proper training and technical information your business will prosper. We offer first-rate hands-on glass chip and crack repair training.

Autoscreenz can meet your educational requirements.

Repairing a windscreen, rather than replacing one, is cost effective, saves on down time and prevents further damage from occurring. A typical repair has a very low material repair cost and on average, takes 15-25 minutes to complete, after which the customer is free to drive away.

Having a chipped windscreen repaired also prevents it from spreading into a larger crack that will later require the whole windscreen to be replaced.
Various types of damage can be repaired on a windscreen.

Bullseyes, star breaks and combination breaks can all be repaired. These repairs are far more than cosmetic; as well as keeping the vehicle in an “as new condition” we show you how to carry out repairs to meet acceptable insurance approved standards and be acceptable for the RWC test. All laminated windscreens, clear or tinted, heated or unheated, can be repaired in cars, coaches and commercial vehicles.

Windscreens are repaired in their original place, so there are none of the problems such as water leaks that are often associated with windscreen replacement. Plus, of course, repairs are the preferred choice of the major insurance companies because it saves them Millions of Rands in the long run. 

The ability to carry out windscreen repairs can be sold as an added value service to an existing customer base, giving workshops the potential to increase their revenue on each job.

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