Increase revenue with Windscreen Chip Repair

Expanding service offerings can help build new revenue streams within a current client base. Tint shops, car washes, auto dealerships and tyre shops all have a steady stream of customers who maintain their cars or trucks. Why not improve your bottom line by offering a new service, windshield repair, that will enhance the services you already provide? Let us help you generate revenue with Windscreen Chip Repair.


Is your dealership looking to add new services to their customers? Earn more money with minimal costs by adding windscreen repair to your service menu. With an average price of a windscreen Chip Repair of R295 and a supply cost of only a dollar per repair, it is an excellent way to increase profitability for car dealerships.


Car washes have a steady flow of cars coming through their lines and car owners wash their cars because they care about the car’s appearance, so windshield repair is an easy add-on sale. About 20% of the vehicles driving through a car wash have damage to their windscreen and making on average R295 per rock chip. It won’t take away from your existing business and it takes an average of 15 to 20 minutes per repair.


For years tyre shops have been in the service business, by providing multiple auto-centric services including tires, brakes, alignments and oil changes. Why not add windscreen repair as another item to offer? It is an easy way to generate more revenue while not taking away from existing business.

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