König-Sauber Waterless Carwash


Regular access to water and a hose is not always easy, but your car still needs the attention of a full wash. Waterless Wash is formulated with slickening agents that provide enough lubrication to ensure effective removal of dirt and contamination without swirling or scratching. Waterless Wash provides an easy wash and leaves behind a non-stick UV protective coating for added protection. Every spray finishes off with a coat of ceramic sealant resulting in enhanced shine and durability against the elements.


Easy spray & wipe solution WITHOUT water. Cleans, shines & protects

Safe waterless cleaning that intensifies shine.

  • Quickly wash your car without one drop of water
  • Add deep reflection and gloss on the go
  • Scratch free cleaning for all surfaces
  • Repels water and contaminants
  • Improves water beading properties
  • Adds coat of ceramic sealant for enhanced shine and durability


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