Diamond Resin Chip Resin 1010


Chip Resin 1010 resin is a low viscosity 18cps injection resin and the industry favourite for well over 5 Years.

Known as the do-it-all Chip Resin, Chip Resin 1010 performs extremely well in all weather conditions and all types of chips.

Available in 15 ml bottles and money saving 30 ml bottles.




  • Superior flexibility to compensate for expansion, contraction and glass flex.
  • Outstanding optical clarity
  • Compatible with all Windscreen repair kits
  • resins include a dropper tip.
  • Available in a variety of packaging options
  • Low acrylic acid content

Chip Repair Resin

  • Diamond Resin™ Proprietary Formula
  • Diamond Resin™ is considered a low viscosity windscreen repair resin.
  • Nominal viscosity: 18cps
  • Low toxicity
  • Exceptional bonding strength
  • Fast curing
  • Superior for all break types including Starbreaks and Bullseyes
  • Superior in all climates

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15ml, 30ml


  1. Themba

    Clear repairs. Cures quickly. Great product.

  2. Simon

    We were sceptical at first to try to use a new product. But when I saw a guy repairing with this and his business was always busy I had to try. Im happy so far. So buying in bulk next time. I’m glad I found this.

  3. Koos

    I have used many resins but this resin really is tops.

  4. Allan PG

    Hierdie produk het my besigheid gered omdat ek daarin geslaag het om ‘n kontrak oor te neem waar iemand voorheen Diamond Resin gebruik het. Hulle het gekies om ‘n goedkoper produk te gebruik en het hul besigheid verloor omdat hulle ‘n Rand probeer spaar het. Toe ons aangebied en belowe het om kwaliteit te handhaaf, is die kontrak aan ons toegeken. Ons het ons werk aan Diamond Resin te danke.Geen geel kolle hier nie!

  5. Lester

    I get around 100 repairs per bottle.
    I make my money back 90 times over per bottle! Whats not to love.

  6. Adam

    Diamond Resin resins are great. I’ve never had a come back on a repair. No yellow dots on our fleet vehicle repairs. I would recommend this product before any other any day.

  7. Jannie

    Far better than the chinese resins and thin resins, and never turns yellow.

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