Headlight Restoration

Keeping your headlights clean and clear is important.

Clear headlight lenses reinforce your safety while driving and improves the overall appearance of your vehicle. Your vehicle may not pass a roadworthy test if your vehicles headlights have deteriorated.

Headlights will be polished gently with our special chemicals to remove dullness from the plastic for restoring optical clarity.

Thereafter, Diamond Resin™ Headlight Restore and Protect™ coating is applied to protect headlights against yellowing, fading and discoloration.

The coating forms a covalent bond and cross-links to blanket the lens with a durable, protective film. This coating is cured with  UV light.

Headlights coated will retain perfect clarity in any environment.

Headlight cover restored to like new condition

Scratch removal and marks removed

Hard Diamond Resin™ UV Coating to protect the light

and restore high gloss finish.

2 year warranty!*

Limited time only!

Booking essential. Don’t miss out on this special.

Callout fees to be confirmed depending on area.

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